"It’s probably too early right now to wave goodbye to this weird site that started out as a way to monetise the tumblelog style started by other people, something that was maybe a tiiiiny bit skeevy but hey not everyone’s a coder. I remember looking at tumblelogs with envy, and, frankly, no Tumblr theme ever really looked as good as the original tumblelogs.

But, for those who still watch what the internet does, this is probably the flag for Tumblr’s last lap"


For those interested, there's now a PeerTube app (think decentralised YouTube) available for Android via the F-Droid app marketplace:

Have recently started using dark mode in a number of apps and was thankful for the timely recommendation of Dark Reader in episode 113 of TiDE - darkreader.org/

I'm Doug Levin, consultant, hailing from 'inside the beltway' Washington, DC area. Spent my career at the intersection of edu policy (primarily K-12, primarily US-based), edtech (from when that involved 'connecting schools to the information superhighway'), and research.

Current interests include: OER, open source, privacy, security, and musing on the future of edu in an increasingly digital world. Blog (occassionally) at edtechstrategies.com. Maintain k12cybersecure.com

Hello, I'm Ken from Fermoy, Cork in Ireland but currently living and working in Waterford. I work as instructional designer in WIT and have a lifelong interest in both learning and technology so now I get to combine both. Father to three (all adults), husband to one, son to two (both passed) and brother to six (twice as many brothers as sisters). have a huge interest in music but have zero talents or musical ability except listening. Avid 750words.com user with a 3003 day streak.

I'm Adam I join stuff and I often wonder why πŸ˜‚... I'm also building ethical tech for design education and 'communities of practice' , I teach design thinking for games as a day job. you can start at adamprocter.co.uk to find out more and I cross post into another mastodon from my micro.blog discursive.adamprocter.co.uk , i guess if this one is like Slack then I can keep this username quiet... 🀫

I lead a team of education hackers. We help schools and universities to transform using technology. We like Google for Education and Open Badges a lot!

My name is Noel and I'm a developer/entrepreneur based in Barcelona, Spain.

I was within the "silicon valley hamster wheel" mentality for a while but I've realized it's not what I want to do with my life, so I am now working and looking for opportunities that are more sustainable and focus on what I'm passionate about: Open Source, Privacy, etc.

You can find more about me in my website and keep up with what I'm doing on my "now" page: noeldemartin.com

Hi everyone. I'm Emma and am based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. After a decade working in various roles within higher education, I've recently broken free and re-trained as a coach. I'm spurred on by a determination to live and work in line with my values.

I'm interested in Stoic philosophy, habits and routines, what motivates people to change and what holds them back.

When not working you'll mostly find me in the kitchen or, playing, watching or listening to sport.

I’m Nick Speller, Primary School teacher, Em LA ICT Adviser and now Curriculum and Online Safety Lead for 123ICT

A bit of media literacy in the Belshaw household this morning.

What's the purpose of this Facebook advert? (hint: who are they implicitly shifting the blame to?)

Although I always get my flu shot (I'm asthmatic) I nevertheless tend to get my only cold of the year about this time.

I succumbed to a cold last Sunday. Usually, I struggle against it, trying to keep up my exercise regime. Unfortunately that usually ends up making it worse.

So this time, I continued to work, but did not exercise. Thankfully, today I feel better enough to go for a gentle jog. πŸƒ

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